Nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. And that is what we are, your CONNECTION to what God is doing to reach the least reached

To reach people that no one is reaching you have to do things that no one is doing.
Craig Groeschel

This quote expresses well the driving force that moves us as we go forward in Media Ministry, now to the much larger platform of International Media Ministries. At IMM we will have the ability to reach a much larger portion of the world.

We believe that Media is the key to reaching much of the world that is still unreached. Media can get into places and touch hearts where a physical person is barred. That’s why we are now working on the IMM team to put “Jesus on Every Screen”

What is Nexus…

A Connection or Series of Connections linking two or more things


A Connection:  Being your arms and feet to reach people of Spain with the Gospel

Linking you to the mission field in Spain

Planting: Helping to Plant the churches in Spain.